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Tudor Heritage Ranger M79910

Tudor Heritage Ranger M79910


Tudor Heritage Ranger M79910

By Fabio Dal Colletto


The Tudor Ranger was first introduced in the 1960’s as a more budget orientated option to Rolex alternative, the Explorer, but the Ranger line over time took on its own character and almost cult like following. With the most current iteration which was released at Baselworld in 2014 Tudor has again managed to revive an old line by breathing new life into the Ranger.


The Tudor Heritage Ranger M79910 is powered by a Tudor regulated and decorated ETA 2824 movement which we all know is a proven work horse and can be found in many watches throughout the world of Horology and is just the beginning of how Tudor has managed to keep with tradition when resurrecting the Ranger. Tudor has really done an excellent job in the past decade with their ability to modernize their vintage models and the Ranger is no exception. Everything which the original Tudor Ranger was known for is here in the modern implementation, you will find the Arabic numbers at 3, 6, 9, and 12, the indices, the Tudor rose logo rather than the more modern shield logo, and the rounded Self-Winding script above the 6 marker. The only thing that really varies from the original is the case size which has grown to a contemporary 41mm. You also now receive a domed sapphire crystal which is only slightly raised from the case at its edges and continues almost perfectly flat across the surface of the dial. Tudor has also given us an extremely healthy dose of super-luminova on the indices, hour markers and hands, it is these touches which really bring the Ranger up to date. The Heritage Ranger pays homage to it’s ancestor without feeling like a lazy reissue or parts bin raid. The result is a perfect execution from the younger sibling of Rolex.


I have managed to wear the Ranger in a couple different ways, firstly it was worn on the camo nato style strap which Tudor includes when purchasing the watch, the strap itself is very well made, a fine weave give the strap a very comfortable fit, but it is the fact that the strap is finished in a green camo colourway that really sets it off, and something you would never find on a Rolex. The camo is fun and gives you a real utilitarian feeling when wearing the watch. Alternatively, I wore the Ranger on an aged brown leather strap with Tudor Deployment clasp, the strap really transforms the watch into something slightly more upscale but just as casual and just as understated. With it’s drilled lug holes the Heritage Ranger is real strap monster, strap changed are quick and easy, even for a amateur and there is virtually no risk of scratching the underside of the lugs, the dial being a matte black also adds to its versatility, all earth tones, or black straps would look equally at home on the Ranger, but where the Ranger truly shines is in it’s ability to bridge the gap between vintage and modern, a curved end rubber strap in red or blue really manage to accentuate the subtle curved lines of the case quite well.


Whether Tudor plans to outright discontinue the Ranger line entirely to update the model with an in house movement sometime in the near the future the Ranger M79910 remains an excellent value

proposition, and in my opinion one of the best watches for it’s price. Let’s not forget, this watch pays homage to one of the most loved and enjoyed Tudor models of the past century, and this iteration with the ETA powerplant could potentially see the same desirability of the ETA powered Black Bay models, with their slightly more slender cases and rose logo dials, these ETA variants are very sought after and have become very collectable. Of course that is all speculation and I would purchase a watch for the off chance that might become more collectable over time, but what I can tell you from spending the past week with the Ranger is that it is absolutely fantastic, it wears the Tudor name with pride, it is not pretentious nor is it pedestrian, it is a great all rounder, and subtle in it’s details. It is very easy to appreciate the Ranger, and perhaps it’s most captivating trait is it’s simplicity, everything you need is there. The Tudor Heritage Ranger would have made Hans Wilsdorf proud.

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