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Tudor Pelagos M25600TN

For the past week I have had the privilege of wearing a lovely Tudor Pelagos reference number M25600TN, for those of us who are less obsessed with Tudor, this is the in house movement variant which replaced the outgoing M25500 ETA based movement. The watch case and bracelet are both made from light weight titanium, which of course doesn’t rust, and because this is by definition a tool watch and made to explore deep sea trenches at a maximum depth of 500M give one the piece of mind knowing their timepiece will not be harmed by the salt water surrounding it, instead you can focus on the great white shark barrelling down on you.

In the box you will get your Pelagos on it’s lovely ratcheting Titanium bracelet, but you will also get a Rubber strap with diving extension accompanied by a Titanium buckle in a brushed finish. I personally enjoy having the ability to change between two OEM straps, both are made incredibly well and compliment the watch nicely. When the watch is worn on it’s rubber strap you are given a very utilitarian and purpose built feeling watch, I would actually dare to compare the aesthetic of the watch to that of a Mercedes Benz G Wagon, it has this rugged allure yet is refined and very capable of anything you will throw it’s way. When diving at deep depths and perhaps it’s most handy and most useful of all of it’s traits is the mind blowing lume, indices, hands, and even bezel markings are liberally coated in superluminova. The excellent lume gives the watch an almost torch like hue, it is really the best I have ever seen on a watch. Aside from the lume, one may first notice the helium escape valve at 9 o’clock on the side of the case, for some this might be viewed as a blemish but for me it contributes to the fact that this is a tool watch, purpose built for diving and that helium escape vale adds to the character of the watch.

Tudor has given the Pelagos M25600TB the COSC certified MT5612 self-winding movement with 70-hour power reserve all made in house. It is a great robust movement which Tudor has done an excellent job developing. Unfortunately that fantastic movement is hidden by the very simple and now very expected caseback which both Tudor and Rolex use, but while simple they are elegant so I won’t be too hard on them, especially when Tudor has done such a great job designing every part of the watch we actually look at while it sits on our wrists. The dial is Classic Tudor and pays homage to the Tudor Divers of past, such as the Tudor Submariner, square indices are accompanied by the Tudor Snowflake hands which I absolutely adore and look right at home on the Pelagos. For a watch with a date complication at 3 o’clock it is also very symmetrical, more so than most watches with a date complication in the same spot, this is because Tudor decided to utilize a white date box with black text matching the colour of the hour marker at 9 o’clock. It is this sublime contemporary take on a classic design paired with an excellent movement which makes the Tudor Pelagos such a heavy hitter, and at times hitting well beyond it’s price point.

In my experience over the past week spent with the Pelagos it was mainly worn with casual attire and didn’t stumble anywhere near an ocean let alone take t deep sea diving, but what I did learn over this past week is how I can truly appreciate a purpose built diver which is not trying to be anything else. I thoroughly enjoyed every second with the Pelagos on my wrist, I wore the watch on the rubber strap which is phenomenally comfortable and unlike many cheap rubber straps does not attract dirt or lint. The grey titanium case against the black strap and matte black dial and bezel really adds to the whole utilitarian vibe that I have been getting from the Pelagos. Being 42mm the Pelagos fits perfectly on my wrist, no lug overhang nor does it look to small, it is my sweet spot for watch case sizes. I really had a hard time giving this once back at the end of the week and it really made me consider if I need a “Diver’s Diver” per say, that being said I am quite certain I will own this watch one day. For me it checks all the boxes but, in my opinion, the absolute best part of the Pelagos is the timeless design, this thing will never go out of style and can be appreciated for generations to come.

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