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Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M  15,000 Gauss 41.5mm Reference #

When one thinks of Omega it is typically the Speedmaster and Seamaster lines which come to mind immediately but hidden within the Seamaster line of divers lies the Aqua Terra. Rated to 150M the Aqua Terra is more than capable of allowing you to snorkel in St Tropez but it is much more than that.


In the week that I have spent with this particular Aqua Terra on my wrist I have discovered more and more things that I love about it. Firstly, and perhaps most obvious when looking at the watch is the black and yellow stripped second hand, it brings colour and character to something which is also incredibly sophisticated, and it looks stunning against the black yacht deck dial. The stripped second hand paired with the yellow numbering along the minute track and yellow lettering on the dial create a joyful yet very upscale look which Omega has executed flawlessly.


Omega has given the Aqua Terra its proven Co-Axial 8508 movement which has proven time and time again to be one of the most reliable and accurate movements at this price range and can be visible through the sapphire display case back. This model with its anti-magnetic rating of 15,000 Gauss, and quick set feature also makes this the ideal travel companion for any jet setting business professional, one can easily jump between time zones with ease.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this Aqua Terra and it has quickly become a favourite of mine, the bracelet is everything you would expect from Omega, solid end links, a high polish centre link, butterfly milled clasp with a subtle 20mm to 18mm taper. The bracelet is wonderfully comfortable, and pairs perfectly with the watch. For me being a 41.5mm dial it fits perfectly on my wrist, it has a presence and a heft that you would expect from a diver, but it does it a bit more elegantly, you know it is there but is not cumbersome. Every other detail of the watch is typical Omega, the lines are crisp, lugs are sharp yet with that common Omega twist we have all come to love. Applied indices and Omega logo scream class, and we cannot forget the classic broad arrow hands which have become a staple for the brand over the years. At times I have found myself starring at the watch, mesmerized by its details, every aspect of the watch seems to captivate me, I can get lost in its details, all while pondering does a man need anything more than this Aqua Terra. The watch can be everything for me, I can wear it to the office, I can wear it to dinner, I could even wear to mow the lawn if I chose to, for me it is quite perfect.


I am typically a watch enthusiast who enjoys playing around with different straps, I seem to change the strap on my watches as often as I change my socks, and with this Aqua Terra your options are endless. Not only is the Aqua Terra versatile in its function it is also able to pull off different looks and not skip a beat. You can opt for one of the beautifully made yet slightly overpriced Omega NATO straps which come in an array of colours, or even an Omega leather strap as I typically tend to favour. The watch looks excellent paired against a black calf leather strap but would also feel just as at home on a brown or tan leather strap. Make it a cognac coloured suede strap against a high polish buckle and you suddenly have yourself a very casual everyday watch to pair with jeans. If you so choose you could swap it over for a black crocodile leather strap and have yourself an eye-catching dress watch. Put it on rubber and you make sure to make it look every bit as much of a diver as its bigger brother the 300M.


What Omega has really managed to do with the Aqua Terra and especially in this guise is create a very usable for all occasion watch. Whether you’re desk diving or sea diving the Aqua Terra feels at home. There are not many watches which can look equally at home while wearing a suite or a more casual attire of jeans and t-shirt. It is within its usability where you really start to appreciate this watch. It truly is a watch for all occasions. I have found myself reaching for the Aqua Terra when essentially performing any task, it does not matter if I am just at home watching television or going for a drive I want the Aqua Terra to be my co-pilot, I want it there with me to stare at occasionally when stopped at a red light or just when I have a couple of seconds to spare. I was excited about the opportunity to wear and experience this watch for the past week because in the past I have always gravitated towards the more well known models of Omega like the Speedmaster Professional or the Seamaster Diver 300M but really what Omega is offering here is something a little more special, you will not see nearly as many people wearing an Aqua Terra as you will a Speedy or Seamaster, it has a luster and allure which cannot be found in those models which for me really adds to its charm. Omega has really hit it out of the park with this one, and in my opinion is finished just as well as a Rolex Milgauss which it competes with but does so at a much lower price, especially if you were to stumble upon a pre-owned example such as the one I have had on for the past week. Eat your heart out Rolex I will take an Aqua Terra.